Deaf-themed Film The Silent Child Wins Oscar!

SHIDFF extends it’s warmest congratulations to our dear friend and supporter, Rachel Shenton, and her film The Silent Child on winning an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 90th Oscars!

We’re also pleased to announce that Rachel has given her permission for SHIDFF to host the Chinese premiere of The Silent Child at our festival and upcoming promotional film screenings.

The Silent Chld tells the story of a profoundly deaf young British girl born into a hearing family and a world of silence until a caring social worker gives her the gift of communication.

Rachel is a very active hearing ally of the deaf community worldwide. Her late father became suddenly deaf when she was 12 years old, and she developed a strong interest in the deaf community, sign language, and using the power of film and the media to profile the need for greater social inclusion of deaf individuals in all aspects of life. That The Silent Child has won an Oscar is proof of her talent and commitment as an actress, writer, filmmaker and advocate of the deaf community.

Besides writing the screenplay and acting in The Silent Child, Rachel is also well-known in the UK and USA for her television performances in Hollyoaks, Blood and Bone China, Waterloo Road, and the hit American series Switched at Birth, with its prominent deaf characters and deaf culture storylines.  She recently has begun filming for the new UK hit series White Gold.

Chris Overton and Rachel Shenton with The Silent Child star Maisie Sly.

Please join us in congratulating Rachel on her Oscar win! And thanking her for supporting SHIDFF. We hope you will enjoy being the first Chinese audience to see The Silent Child in China at SHIDFF and one of its promotional film screenings.

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