2018 Chinese Year of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People!

Most people know 2018 happens to be the year of the Earth Dog, which will mean greater stability and a greater sense of being grounded for many people.

Most people also know about Guide Dogs for the Blind. But do you know about Hearing Dogs for Deaf People?

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a UK charity that has been training clever hearing dogs to change deaf people’s lives for 35 years.

You can watch a video about the great work Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are doing here. And another great video about a deaf boy and his family and their hearing dog here.

These hearing dogs are not just pets; they are highly trained dogs to alert deaf people of all ages to a variety of sounds at home and in public. You can recognize a hearing dog by its burgundy-colored jacket. Hearing dogs also create a new level of confidence, companionship and independence for a deaf person, who may have previously felt too isolated and vulnerable to leave their home. Or as the Chinese would say about the Earth Dog, feeling greater stability and a greater sense of being grounded.

SHIDFF is happy to introduce the idea of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People at our Deaf Community Fair during the festival. We have invited representatives from the UK charity to attend SHIDFF to explain how they train their hearing dogs and match them with deaf people in the UK. It’s an exciting possibility for the deaf community in China and worldwide to learn more about this great way to improve social inclusion for deaf citizens.

We need your financial support to bring Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to SHIDFF along with the many other ways SHIDFF seeks to use the power of film and art for greater social inclusion. Please contact us to explore ways you can be a donor or sponsor for 2018 as the Year of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People at SHIDFF!

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